Here Is My TL900 Led Review

tl900 led
Here Is My TL900 Led Review

What exactly is the TL900 Led? This high-quality product is a powerful light that comes with a headband so you can wear it on your head freeing your hands. This versatile head light can be used in a number of outdoor and survivalist ways.

The maker promotes it as being the last and only outdoor and tactical light gear you’ll every need. It is from this that we give you our review.

What Functionality Does This Light Have?
This headlamp has all the features you would expect in one touting to be the only headlamp you’ll every need. It comes with an indicator box to let you know which of the 4 modes you are currently using. These are S.O.S., Low, High, and Strobe.

The light itself can be tilted up to 90 degrees. The beam can be focused significantly. x1000, x500, x250 and x1 are the choices that are available to get you exactly the zoom you want.

It compares well against others with it’s ability to emit up to 1000 lumens. The light is waterproof and it’s casing is an aircraft graded aluminum.

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What Is The Price?
We found it for $59 which we felt was a good price for the quality of this headlight.

A light like this can be used in many situations such as highway emergencies. If you have a flat tire and have to pull to the side of the road and change the tire, having the light you need while having your hands free to do the work is invaluable.

If you hear a noise at night and are concerned it might be intruders, the TL900 Led will allow you to have a powerful light while freeing your hands to handle a weapon, or just to protect yourself with your hands.

If you are outdoors and walking or running at night, this again frees your hands while giving you the light that you need. If you want to explore caves and you are having to scale rocks, or squeeze through tight spaces, having the light you need on your head instead of in your hands would be yet another way in which this light would be incredibly useful.

The quality of this headlight, the added feature of being waterproof goes a long ways in making this a great choice for it’s price.

Many buyers who have written reviews about this product have reported it to be of high quality, very bright, easy to use and durable.

The brightness of this light is one thing you keep seeing in the written reviews on this product by buyers. So if you are looking for a headlight that is strong and extremely bright, then this is a perfect choice.

Some buyers have reported being able to see up to 100 yards in pitch darkness and have commented that it’s having a rechargeable battery was particularly useful to someone who lives out in the sticks and might not always be able to get to a store to buy new batteries.

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